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We have already started the public sale of TesECO tokens!

We are glad to inform you that we have opened a public sale of the TesECO token. This publication will give you all the details of the TesECO public sale process, as well as prepare you for the key points.

Attention! Limited offer!
A total of 30,000,000 TesECO tokens are on sale at a fixed price of $0.005183 on Bounce Finance. The Bounce Finance platform is a decentralized and fair platform for the sale and distribution of tokens.

Details of the public sale on Bounce:

STAGE 1: 30,000,000 TesECO will be sold out at this stage.

PRICE: $0.005183



Must read


TES is a group of leveraged synthetic asset pairs created and tokenized on Ethereum without the risk of liquidation. The goal of TES is to provide decentralized, trustless and non-KYC procedure leveraged assets that behave similarly to traditional leveraged ETFs. Trading using leverage is actively used and known to every trader. Relying on a fund or debt rebalancing, there is a habitual achievement of leverage. The difference is that TES assets do not require various forms of rebalancing, thus the risk of getting a margin call is limited.

The system provides unique benefits. TES assets are deployed in pairs and…


An ecosystem that allows you to trade with leverage without the risk of liquidation

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